Is it Time for a Mental U-turn?

mental u-turn
Mental U-turn

Have you ever found yourself heading down the wrong street? You should have turned left instead of right? U-turn, now! Call it what you may, senior moment or brain drain. It’s simply a lack of focus. When we allow our minds to wander, it’s like surfing the web. There is no propensity for planning or purpose. In other words, we roam aimlessly through the day, ignoring direction from our subconscious mind. Our emotions, actions and thoughts work like cogs on a wheel. A mind void of positive, directed thoughts, yields negative random actions.

emotions, thoughts, and actions
Emotions, Thoughts, & Actions

Days like this require a hard reset to sync our mind, body, and spirit. But how? My favorite analogy is to visualize an iceberg as representing our conscious (above water) and subconscious (below water) minds. Our brains process at lightening speed, yet we are only consciously aware of a minute portion of our surroundings at any given moment. Although we are uniquely and miraculously made, we are not in control of all mind, body, and spiritual functions, nor were we designed to be in total control.

Some call it karma, I call it faith. Trying to control and master both your conscious and subconscious minds will lead to instability, unreliability, and uncertainty. Some questions cannot be answered with a simple yes or no, and wondering and worrying are not the answer. Your subconscious mind does not discern truthful or deceptive thoughts, that’s your conscious mind’s job. However, “keeping your foot” or staying focused on your current and present goals will prevent a wandering mind and ultimately spiritual warfare. Stay true to your beliefs and delete all thoughts of doubt, leaving no room or need for  mental U-turns! Wishing you a productive and relaxing day.

~ Dr. Doscher

Author: Michelle Doscher, PhD

I use verbal and nonverbal behavioral cues to investigate the psychology fueling sales, marketing, and interpersonal communication. My analyses answer the "why?" questions needed to close deals and augment inquiries.

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