Real Estate Tip #3 – Marketing with P.I.E.

“…believe in your message; make your words smile!”

How-to’s and self-help videos and blogs flood the internet, so why read this one? I am Southern born and bred, a lady who understands that pie is to first impressions like tea is to problem-solving.

There are certain cardinal rules to follow: first impressions are everything, so be passionate. Second, a freshly baked pie is presented with the expectation of stimulating an information transaction, so be prepared!

Apply the pie concept to your marketing tools and make way for the flood of prospective clients soon to follow! Whether you’re listing a property or searching for the perfect home for a buyer, be passionate in all your communications. Your goal should be to excite your receiver yet be concise in your message; leave them wanting more. Show them how much you believe in your message; make your words smile!

Next, give them valuable information. This may include staging tips, top 5 most reported finds by home inspectors, the latest mortgage rates, or how to pack for a move without detracting from home showings. Whatever you send or post, keep your client’s best interest at heart. Pick one theme and stick with it; too much information might cause a cognitive meltdown or get you blacklisted from their followed sites.

Lastly, appeal to the potential client’s emotions. No crying is necessary; just let them know you have their best interest in mind and was thinking of them. Before hitting send or post, ask yourself “why?” you are reaching out and what’s your purpose. Hopefully, your answer will be P.I.E.

Wishing you many profitable months this year!
Dr. Doscher

Author: Michelle Doscher, PhD

I use verbal and nonverbal behavioral cues to investigate the psychology fueling sales, marketing, and interpersonal communication. My analyses answer the "why?" questions needed to close deals and augment inquiries.

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