Real Estate Tip #1: The Science of Showing Property

Most clients want to see multiple properties, despite forgetting the minute details of one property when going to the next. So, should you only show two or three properties? Preferably not, unless requested by your client.

Science is your friend; remember these statistics and become a top-selling agent!

Your client will remember…

90% of what they saw when they walk through the property with a listing sheet.
50% of what they saw when they discuss the details with someone.
30% of what they saw when you only show the listing on a website or listing sheet.
10% of what they learn when they’ve learned from reading an ad.
5% of what they learn when they’ve learned from listening to you!

Prior to showing property, email your clients the listing sheets and links to property websites of the properties they want to see, in addition to others similar in price, structure, and location. On the day of showings, have extra copies of the listing sheets when showing each property. Next, spend a few minutes discussing each property after viewing. Take the time to take notes on the listing sheets and encourage your client to do the same. After viewing all the preferred listings for that day, spend some time recapping the highlights of each listing.  This simple but effective process allows the brain to retrieve, process and encode information for easier recall.

So, what about order?  Group the properties and rank them according to your client’s needs and wants in a property.  The first few properties will be memorable because of the Primacy Effect and the last property will be most memorable due to the Recency Effect. Unfortunately, the middle listings will suffer the Intermediate Effect and possibly be lost in the shuffle, especially regarding specific details.  Obviously, your rankings will be based on your client’s feedback prior to showing the listings. By grouping properties, you can tweak the order of showings if necessary, based on your client’s most recent feedback during the showings.

The technique is simple. Show and tell them what you are going to show them. Show them what you told them you were going to show them. Lastly, Tell them again what you just showed them.  Sound familiar? Why reinvent the wheel, this memory technique has been around for ages?  Happy house hunting!

~ Michelle Doscher, PhD